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A visual story speaks for itself … or it almost does.

If you team up with me, you will soon find out how supportive visual storytelling can be when it comes to defining goals and strategies. Axellerator sets things in motion. I want to help people and organisations to get started by using these techniques.

Visual facilitation and assistance in negotiations

Need a live visual record of a meeting? Want to get the ball rolling again in a negotiation or process that seems to be at a dead end? I’ll breathe new life into it with my vast experience as a facilitator and fresh, creative views. Depending on your question, I can act as a facilitator or co-facilitator. In both cases there is a visual record of the process and the result. In this way, the insights, decisions and results will ‘literally’ stick for a long time to come and you will inspire your employees.

Let’s see what I could do for you:

As a guest speaker at various events (conventions, conferences, networking events, team building days, etc.), I give people the opportunity to experience hands-on what drawing can do. This creative, refreshing approach to communication is more than worth the effort. Both for you as an individual, and for your company or organisation. Inspire people: that’s what it’s about for me.

As a summary of your event or seminar:
Are you organising a conference, an inspiration day or training? Do you want participants to retain the most important insights and key messages long after the event? We listen and summarise the essence in a live visual report of the event.

People just love stories, both in their private and professional lives. Not just any stories, but manageable, clear and lasting ones. Do you want to increase the impact of a story or a concept that you have in mind? Let’s create an effective visual illustration of your goals, mission or vision.

The positive impact of visual communication is remarkable. More and more companies and organisations really want their employees to master this skill in-house. That’s why I spread these insights about giving a visual boost to your stories with great pleasure and dedication.

‘Start to draw’:
In this book I give you practical tips and tricks to get you drawing at work. Not as a form of art or the drawing in itself, but rather as an effective method of communication. The book outlines the advantages, how (easy it is) to start drawing … and how to keep it up.

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