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Start to Draw

An accessible manual

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Great demand for know-how and skill

As a speaker, trainer and strategic illustrator, I have noticed that there is a great need for knowledge about the practice of visual storytelling and visual recording.

Every time I get to experience how people achieve better results with picture stories. I definitely think that everyone can benefit from this technique and I am more than happy to share my expertise. It is my mission to inspire as many people as possible to pick up a pen (or marker) and start drawing. Hence, this book.

The building blocks for visual narrative power

The building blocks for visual narrative power

‘Start to draw’ will in the first place give you guidance. You don’t need a graphic background or drawing talent; anyone who is motivated can do this. After all, our brains are programmed to work visually.

Drawing is like a language that we all once spoke but which, unfortunately, we have forgotten all about as we grew up. Add to that the proven benefits of images as amplifiers of language and you know that this reading will definitely give you something, professionally and personally.

We go over the 10 building blocks which form the basis of visual communication including colour, people, letters and titles, connections … ‘Start to draw’ is of course first of all a true manual that will help you try this out for yourself.

Inspire with a passion

I want readers to feel the passion I get out of my work. This sincere drive inspired me to write this book. Drawing is inspiring.

Push your boundaries.

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