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An image speaks louder than words.

This couldn’t be more true. About half of our brain cells are busy processing what the retina feeds us. This processing is extremely fast, efficient and deep. By processing information visually, we also gain time, energy and focus.

But that’s not the full story.

Because images make stories come to life. Drawings make your messages linger for longer. Visual storytelling, visual recording, mind mapping … are more than just fancy notions. More than anything else, they are powerful professional tools. Investing in visuals is therefore a smart plan for any organisation.

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Where text stops, images expand

Our reality is changing rapidly and is becoming more complex. At the same time, our attention span is getting shorter. The result: written text becomes more volatile and information is stored closer to the surface of our minds. Visual triggers are processed much better and that is a real plus.

There are obviously many other good reasons to go for visual storytelling:

  • A drawing captures the essence, the core of a story

  • Images give words more meaning

  • Images are universal: your message reaches many more people

  • Drawings attract attention

  • Drawing is fun and easy

“As a strategic illustrator I want to inspire people and organisations to use drawings to their advantage. Corporate strategies, change processes, measurement reports …
Images make everything manageable, structured and captivating.”

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